ScoreExpress is a software program for gymnastics competitions. It is developed in cooperation with the Flemish Gymnastics Federation and made available free of charge.

Manage your competition from start to finish:

  • Management of the participants.
  • Absense registration.
  • Management of the judge panels.
  • Score input.
  • Report printing.
  • Public display of the scores and intermediate rankings.

ScoreExpress supports all competition formats that are organized be the Flemish Gymnastics Federation.

  • Artistic Gymnastics: individual and team competitions men and women.
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics: individual and group competitions.
  • Trampoline: individual and synchronised, double mini trampoline.
  • Tumbling: tumbling, lange mat, airtrack.
  • Sports Acrobatics.
  • Sports Aerobics: individual and group.
  • Dance and demo competitions.
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