Features and Pricing



The basic version is available free of charge. It includes all features necessary for the preparation of a competition of for the organisation of small scale competitions.


The club version enables the advanced features of ScoreExpress and ScoreDisplay.

A Club license entitles the organisor to phone and email support.


The Tournament version enables the use of ScoreDirector for electronic score entry with wireless handsets.


  Free Club Tournament
Software license per event free € 70,- € 210,-
Volume licensing contact
Onsite support contact

Prices are VAT included.

Member clubs of federations that use ScoreExpress for their official competitions, are entitled to a reduction of 30% for their own events.


Feature Free Club Tournament Description
Languages (user interface, reports and display)
English v v v  
Dutch v v v  
French v v v  
Disciplines all all all  
Participant/judge import wizard v v v Participants can be imported from comma separated values data files (csv)
Participant selection v v v Automatically select participants from a competition and mark them as finalists or add them to another competition
Predefined categories v v v ScoreExpress has predefined category lists for several federations
Configurable categories v v v Configure custom categories
Sessions v v v Organise your competition in sessions, for easy selection of categories for reporting 
Random participant numbering v v v Assign participation numbers randomly
Export results v v v Export results to csv files
Jury Panels
Manage judge panels v v v Enter judges and judge panels and assign event/category combinations to the panels
Evaluate judges v v v Print a report that rates a judge's performation compared with other judges in the panel
Participant listing v v v Printable listing of participants individual or team grouped by category or club
All around ranking v v v All around results by category. Participants in the open competition can be ranked or listed separately
Finals ranking v v v If the competition format has finals (e.g. trampoline), separate reports for the qualifying rounds and the finals are available 
Per event ranking   v v If the competition format allows per event rankings these are available
Per team ranking   v v If the competition format allows team participations, team ranking reports are available
Multicompetition participant ranking   v v Ranking of participants based on the results of multiple competitions in the same discipline
Save report to file v v v Reports can be printed or saved to a printable file format such as PDF
Custom logo v v v The Organisor logo can be used in the report header
Export to HTML   v v Export a mini-website with the participant listings for announcement, or with different types of rankings (all around, qualification, finals, event, team)
Public Display (ScoreDisplay)
All around rankings v v v Up to date all around rankings are displayed in a loop
Per event rankings   v v Per event rankings can be displayed if the competition format supports this
Per team rankings   v v Team ranking can be displayed if the competition format supports this
New/updated score v v v When a score is committed the final score and current rank of the participant is displayed
New score: judge values   v v Details of the scores can be displayed
Participant announcement    v v In combination with ScoreDirector the display can show the details of the performing participant
Images and logos   v v Show images or sponsor logo's in between other screens
Custom display theme (on request)   v v Default screen layouts can be replaced by a customized layout (combination of svg templates and css)
Dual screen support v v v If the computer has multiple screens, the display and the settings window can be put on separate screen, so you can change the settings without interupting the display
Electronic scoring with wireless handsets
ScoreDirector     v The application that is used to communicate with the scoring handsets and to follow up the scoring process 
Direct score entry by the judges     v In combination with XTOL Messenger hand sets 
Programming ID cards     v  Program the Ids of the judges on RFID cards


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