ScoreExpress 5.5.22

 Correction of reports and score calculations:

  • DMT: correction of reports for 4passes scoring system.
  • TRA: correction of time of flight calculation

ScoreExpress 5.5.21

 This release contains a number of bug fixes:

  • Gymfed: MAG (AGD): correction of team results in categories with double bars routines.
  • Trampoline: update of jury points reports.
  • Trampoline: correction of synchroized finals report

ScoreExpress 5.5.19

This release contains following updates:

ScoreExpress 5.5.19 beta

Updata of following features:

  • FfGym GAF: correction of category list
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics: update of discipline configuration and reporting.
  • FfGym TRA div 4: correction of judge panel configuration
  • Gymfed DMT: correction of score system 4passes
  • Gymfed TRA I-level: addition of bonus field in trampoline exercises
  • ScoreDisplay: bug fix in manual score publication.

ScoreExpress 5.5.18 beta

Small feature updates:

ScoreExpress 5.5.18 beta

More updates for the upcoming competitions:

ScoreExpress 5.5.18 beta

Updates with respect to the previous beta release;

  • Artistic gymnastics: correction of Allaround results report
  • Trampoline: corrrection of penalties calculation
  • Acrogym: correction of recrea discipline (Gymfed)
  • General: correction of ranking titles with respect to ranking type (normal, open or regional)

ScoreExpress 5.5.17 beta

ScoreExpress 5.5.16

This update includes small improvements and new features.

ScoreExpress 5.5.15

Update of the talentcup competition format.

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