ScoreExpress 4.2.1 beta

This release has most of the changes for the upcoming season and some small improvements.

ScoreExpress 4.2.0 alfa

This is the first release of ScoreExpress 4.2. Some of the features that were implemented for the Teamgym Championship have been integrated in this version.

Manual translated

A new version of the manual has been published. The new version is up to date with the changes that have been included in recent versions of ScoreExpress. It also describes some new features that will be included in version 4.2, which will be available soon.

Together with the update of the manual, the English translation has been completed and made available on the site.

Training Session

On Saturday December 13, we will have a training session for clubs that will organize a competition in the upcoming season. The session is primairly meant for people who are not familiar with the program, but of course the session is also open for people who want to refresh their knowledge.

ScoreExpress 4.1.7

This release contains some minor bug fixes and includes some of the changes in competition rules for the upcoming season.

Changes in this release:

ScoreExpress 4.1.6

Version 4.1 is the official version of ScoreExpress from now on. Version 4.0 will not be developed any more.

ScoreExpress 4.1.2 beta

Besides some small adjustements, this release expands the wizard to add participants to groups and teams and changes the way ScoreExpress is started.

ScoreExpress 4.1.1 beta

This is the second beta release of version 4.1. This version adds two wizards and provides the basis for the internationalization of the reports and ScoreDisplay.

ScoreExpress 4.1.0 beta

Version 4.1 will contain some new features, to make ScoreExpress ready for a wider range of competitions. For instance, the program will be adapted to multiple languages, so that is can be used more easily for international competitions.

Following features have already been implemented in this beta version:

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