ScoreExpress 5.5.14

This release conains following updates:

  • Addition of a new report which combines scores and level results in FfGym GAM / CF
  • Update of the list of categories in GAF-IE
  • Corrections in the live score publication.

ScoreExpress 5.5.13

Some updates to the live scorung system.

ScoreExpress 5.5.12

Small bug fixes:

ScoreExpress 5.5.11

Quite some changes and fixes in this update:

ScoreExpress 5.5.10

Again small changes and bug fixes:

ScoreExpress 5.5.9

Some more small updates (mainly in FfGym disciplines) and bug fixes.

ScoreExpress 5.5.8

Some more small updates for the upcoming competitions:

ScoreExpress 5.5.7

Some further adjustments to the configuration of disciplines and some small bug fixes.

ScoreExpress 5.5.6 beta

First beta release of version 5.5 of ScoreExpress.

Use this version for exploring the new features of ScoreExpress and testing the changes made for the upcoming competition season.

More information on the new features will follow shortly.

ScoreExpress 5.2.31

Update of the FfGym Coupe Formation disciplines.

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