ScoreExpress 5.2.30

Quick bug fix: correction of the Team Certificates report to avoid errors with empty teams.

ScoreExpress 5.2.29

This version contains some corrections and updates for team competitions:

ScoreExpress 5.2.28

This version integrates the RG disciplines for the Cyprus Gymnastics federation.

ScoreExpress 5.2.27

Correction of discipline logo for Demo (Gymfed)

ScoreExpress 5.2.26

Some small updates in this version:

  • RG Gymfed: update of score system for A juniors.
  • CSV export: correction of file name assignment.
  • ScoreDirector: the option for deleting a score through the judge hand set has been removed.

ScoreExpress 5.2.25

  • Adaptation of the categoriies in the disciplines GAM and Tumbling (FfGym).
  • RG: bug fix in the new score calculation with artistic and execution input (Gymfed).
  • Reports: correction of report layout with long section titles.

ScoreExpress 5.2.24

Update of some disciplines to be prepared for the new season.

ScoreExpress 5.2.23

Some small updates in this release:

  • Gymfed MTR Recrea: new score calculation.
  • Participants fill out list: smaller event names to avoid broken table headers.

ScoreExpress 5.2.22

A quick bug fix release:

ScoreExpress 5.2.21

This release has some bug fixes and new support for the winners ceremony.

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