ScoreExpress 5.2.21

ScoreExpress 5.2.20

This release contains only small updates:

  • FfGym Trampoline: addition of time of flight in the scoring.
  • FfGym: update of the discipline logos
  • ScoreDisplay: update of the CasparCG related default settings.

ScoreExpress 5.2.19

This update contains a change in the header design of the reports, new support for using ScoreDispaly with CasparCG to output professional standart video graphics overlays and some bug fixes.

ScoreExpress 5.2.18

Correction of the team score calculation in recreational artistic gymnastics (GymFed).

ScoreExpress 5.2.17

Small update of disciplines in artistic gymnastics:

ScoreExpress 5.2.15

This release contains following updates:

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics: application of international tie-break rules.
  • Gymfed recreational tumbling and airtrack: restauration of score calculation.
  • Club reports: club based reports have the same selection options as other ranking reports.
  • Reports session selection: the session based filtering of participants has been repaired.

ScoreExpress 5.2.14

Several small updates and bug fixes in preparation of the new season.

ScoreExpress 5.2.13

Quick bug fix release:

  • ScoreDisplay Multiview Automatic: fix for team competitions in Artistic Gymnastics (GymFed)
  • Coupe Formation: fix in score calculation (FfGym

ScoreExpress 5.2.12

This release has some feature improvements, as well as updates of configurations for the upcoming season.

ScoreExpress 5.2.11

This release fixes the judge evaluation report layout and adds a new discipline for the Gymfed Talent Cup.

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