ScoreExpress 5.2.10

This version contains a new discipline for the Masters of the Canes event next weekend.

Apart from that, several small bugs have been fixed.

ScoreExpress 5.2.9

Bug fixes in Double Minittrampoline and Dance (Gymfed).

ScoreExpress 5.2.8

This update has two small bug fixes

ScoreExpress 5.2.7

Update of the Gymfed dance score calculation.

The dance judge panel now has 5 judges in each group.

ScoreExpress 5.2.6

A quick update with a bug fix in Trampoline Synchronized score calculation (KNGU) and an update for Rhythmic Gymnastics by group.

ScoreExpress 5.2.5

This version has new tie-break rules in trampoline and tumbling, as well as some bug fixes.

ScoreExpress 5.2.4

This release contains some bugfixes and introduces the new code of points for Rhythmic Gymnastics.

See the details for more information on the changes.

ScoreExpress 5.2.3

This version has some improvements of ScoreDisplay.

ScoreExpress 5.2.2 beta

This is the first public release of ScoreExpress version 5.2.

Apart from adaptations to the changing rules in a number of disciplines, this new version has a lot of small changes and a number of new features.

ScoreExpress 5.1.11

Addition of the Medals report in the discipline Rhythmic Gymnastics.

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