ScoreExpress 5.1.10

This release adds a new feature to ScoreDisplay for displaying team rankings.

ScoreExpress 5.1.9

Some small updates for team competitions and ScoreDisplay Clock.

ScoreExpress 5.1.8

This update contains updates and corrections in Artistic gymnastics and Trampoline.

ScoreExpress 5.1.7

This release contains an update for ScoreDirector to make the radio settings configurable and small updates for several disciplines.

ScoreExpress 5.1.6

Updates in this release:

  • Trampoline: time of flight is included in the reports without executions points.
  • FfGym GR: update of the score calculation in divisions 3,4 and 5.

ScoreExpress 5.1.5

A quick update with some smaller changes:

  • Reparation of the export wizard.
  • Update of RG team score calculation.
  • GymFed Recrea Toestelturnen: change of apparatus names.
  • FfGym GAF: Correction of category names in team competition, correction of Vault score calculation in Div. 1 Minimes

ScoreExpress 5.1.3 beta

This update of version 5.1 contains quite some changes:

ScoreExpress 5.1.2 beta

This release contains some bugfixes and updates according to changes in the regulations of several disciplines.

ScoreExpress 5.1.1 beta

Updates in this release:

  • ScoreDisplay: in Artitistic Gymnastics, the display can now show two vaults.
  • Country Egypt and its regions were added to the file template.
  • Acro World Cup format: ties are no longer broken.

ScoreExpress 5.1.0 beta

This is a test release of version 5.1. This version contains changes in ScoreDisplay and ScoreDirector, the application for wireless score entry.

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