ScoreExpress 5.0.15

This new version includes correction made to GymFed recreational competition formats, made for the MegaGym event last week and an update for Trampoline, to include the time of flight in the score for categories with limited difficulty.

ScoreExpress 5.0.14

Two small correction:

  • With version 5.0.13 an error message appears in ScoreDisplay when a new score is entered.
  • FfGym GAM: correction the total score calculation for the imposed program.

ScoreExpress 5.0.13

This release contains corrections for FfGym GAM (div 3-5) and Acro World Cup competitions format.

ScoreExpress 5.0.12

This release contains some changes in FfG disciplines and a couple of corrections:

ScoreExpress 5.0.11

Quick update for FfGym WAG, to limit the maximum difficulty of exercises in division 4 and 5.

ScoreExpress 5.0.10

Two small corrections in this update:

  • Correction of the selection report based on multiple competitions.
  • Correction of the ranking in Demo (GymFed).

ScoreExpress 5.0.9

Attention! Important update for all competitions.

ScoreExpress 5.0.8

Correction of the Mushroom score calculation in MAG.

Change in the event selection in ScoreEditor to make it more feasable to select the event with the keyboard.

ScoreExpress 5.0.7

This version introduces some changes and improvements in several disciplines:

ScoreExpress 5.0.6

Update of the ScoreDirector application for electronic scoring and corrections in ScoreExpress itself.

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