ScoreExpress 5.0.5

Some small changes for Tumbling I-level (Gymfed) and WAG (FfG):

ScoreExpress 5.0.4

Some small changes and corrections in several disciplines:

ScoreExpress 5.0.3

This version does not contain new features, but some small changes and corrections.

ScoreExpress 5.0.2

Some small corrections of ScoreExpress and improvements of ScoreDirector.

Wireless scoring system ready for testing

ScoreExpress and the Flemish Gymnastics Federation are introducing a new system of score entry, where the judges enter their scores directly into the computer system. With the introduction of this new system, we want to further improve the efficiency of the organizations and the attractiveness of the competition to the audience.

ScoreExpress 5.0.1 beta

This version contains some new functions as well as bug fixes.

ScoreExpress 5.0.0 beta

First beta release of version 5.

The most visible change of this version is the possibility to customize the categories of a competition.

Next this version already contains the preparation for direct score entry through Xtol Handsets and a licensing system.

ScoreExpress 4.6.19

Update for the Dutch trampoline team competitions:

  • Difficulty limits per category adjusted.
  • Tie-break rules for team rankings.

ScoreExpress 4.6.18

This update contains two small changes:

  • Correction of the selectionreport for teams.
  • Update of the category list for KNGU Trampoline per team.

ScoreExpress 4.6.17

This release adds the possibility to renumber the teams of a competition randomly.

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