ScoreExpress 5.5.35

Some fixes:

  • FfGym programme jeunes: corection of the award calculation.
  • KNGU Tra: update of the tie-break rules.

ScoreExpress 5.5.34

 Update of the all-around report for women's artistic gymnastics to show if the gymnast got an all-around bouns in the FfGym competitions (Programme Jeunes, Div. 4).

ScoreExpress 5.5.33

 Correction of the Add particpant wizard.

ScoreExpress 5.5.32

Update with changes for the new season (FfGym).
Fix of the live score publication

ScoreExpress 5.5.30

 Updates to RG disciplines:

  • RG (KNGU): updates to the reports.
  • RG (GymFed): correction of b-level allaround scores.

ScoreExpress 5.5.28

Small updates:

  • SGIS: fix of certificate report for boys.

ScoreExpress 5.2.27

  • Updates in category configuration for FfGym Acro.
  • Update of SGIS competition format for boys.

ScoreExpress 5.5.25

Small updates and fixes:

  • FfGym: updates for the new season.
  • Small corrections in reports (RG, TRA, SYN)

ScoreExpress 5.5.24

Two small updates:

  • Trampoline synchronized: allows for two decimal digits in synchronized scores.
  • RG (KNGU): correction of penalty fields in reports.

ScoreExpress 5.5.23

  •  Update of the panel configuration for demo competitions (Gymfed).
  • Update of Acrobatic Gymnastics World Cup competitions (tie-break rules and reports).
  • Addition of competition formats for the Finnish Gymnastivs federation (Trampoline, Synchro and DMT).
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