Application Pricing

We offer two software licensing schemes to chose from depending on your usage of the application.

All licenses include:

  • Access to all features of the application for your events.
  • Offsite support with the use of the application.

Per competition pricing

This pricing scheme is strictly per competition event. It is most suited for organisors with a low number of events on yearly basis.

Events organised under this license type can be of any discipline supported by ScoreExpress.

The price is € 1,- per participant  (individuals or groups), with a minimum of € 75 and a maximum of € 350 per event.*

Federation pricing

The federation licensing scheme is interesting if you organise many competitions on a regular basis.

The base price of the license is per discipline. For each discipline you need in your organisation, you pay a yearly subscription fee of € 500,- *. This includes access to the discipline for your organisation as well as small updates to accommodate your styles of competition within the discipline. The discipline subscription is charged upfront.

On top of the yearly subscription, there is a €15,- fee per event effectuated*. The per event fees are charged at the end of the year.

With this license type, you can use the software for all competitions sanctioned by your organisation (within the licensed disciplines). It is also possible to make the application available to your members, under the same conditions, provided that you also provide your expertise to the members (so basically function as a first line of support).

* When applicable, prices do not include VAT.

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