Standard support

Our goal is to provide you with a smooth experience for your event, from start to finish. Whenever you need help or advise, don't hesitate to contact us. Email and phone support is included with the license you pay for the software.

We always welcome feedback and ideas to further improve our product.

From federation users, we ask that non urgent support request are handled by a fixed contact person at the federation. The federation contact person will get in touch if they cannot easily respond.

Competition preparation

If you need more help with the preparation of your event, we can handle the setup of your competition (including the preparation of the competition configuration, schedule and import of participants, judges, etc ...) and guide you through the set-up.

This is very useful for first time users. Once you have handled a complete competition, you will probably be able to go through the process by yourself.

On-site support and turnkey service

For large scale events you might want us to be more involved in the handling of the scoring process during your event.

We can offer additional services, such as on-site support, where we have a representative supervising an helping out with the competitions or even a turnkey solution where we take care of all aspects of the scoring system, including hardware rental, installation of the system in the venue, handling of the application during the competition, judges instruction etc ...

For this type of services we always provide a tailor made offer that fits the needs of your organisation team.

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